Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Justice League and the Ninja Turtles

Son: Daddy, can you tell me about Batman and Superman and Robin and the Red Ninja Turtle and the Orange Ninja Turtle?

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Flash were all having dinner at the hall of justice.

Batman said, "Excuse me, Aquaman, would you please pass the water - no seaweed please."

"Sure." said Aquaman, and he passed the water.

Wonder Woman said, "Robin, could you pass the peas please?"

"What did you say?" said Robin.

"I said pass the peas, please." Wonder Woman repeated.

"Sorry, one more time?" said Robin.

"Pass the peas. Pass the peas. Pass the peas, uh-like we used to say. Huh!" said Wonder Woman.

"Oh, right." Said Robin as he passed the peas.

Superman asked "Excuse me Flash, could you pass the salad dr... Whoah! Thanks Flash."

"No problem." said Flash.

All of a sudden, "Boom, Boom, Boom!" there was a knock at the door. The super friends all looked at each other and wondered who could be interrupting their dinner.

"It's two Ninja Turtles." said Superman, who was using his x-ray vision to see through the door. "I'll go see what they wa... Whoah! Okay, Flash. Fine, you can..."

"Howdy, what can I do for you?" Flash said as he opened the door.

It was Raphael and Michaelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Son: No, the Red Ninja Turtle and the Orange Ninja Turtle!

Daddy: Right.

It was the Red Ninja Turtle and the Orange Ninja Turtle. They said, "Hi, we need your help."

"What seems to be the problem?" Superman asked as he flew over to the door.

Son: With his heat vision!

Daddy: ...Superman asked as he flew over to the door, blasting holes in the walls with his heat vision.

The Red Turtle said, "Come with us, we'll show what we need when we get there."

So the Ninja Turtles took the Super friends down the street to a manhole cover on the ground. "We live down there." Said the Orange Ninja Turtle, "But we can't get home because we can't open it up. And I really have to use the bathroom!"

Batman and Robin tried using their bat-a-rangs to pry it open to no avail. Aquaman tried commanding the sea to splash it open, but they were in the middle of the city. Wonder Woman threw her lasso around it, to make it tell the truth, but it was a manhole cover and it didn't know how to talk. Flash ran in circles around it to created a vortex that might suction it up, but that didn't work either. Finally, Superman said, "This looks like a job for Superman!" and he blasted it with his heat vision until it melted away, opening up the hole to the Ninja Turtles home.

"Yay!" said the Ninja Turtles. And the looked down into the hole. They saw the blue Ninja Turtle and the Purple Ninja Turtle down in the hole.

The Blue Ninja Turtle said, "Aww, you got it open!"

And the Purple Ninja Turtle said, "We were playing a trick on you!"

"That wasn't very nice." said the Red Ninja Turtle. "Don't you know Michaelangelo has to go potty?!"

"Sorry." said the Purple and Blue Ninja Turtles. And Michaelangelo went down the hole to their home to go potty.

The End.