Friday, February 8, 2008

Batman and Robin and the Yucky Yucky Mud Pit

Daddy: What story do you want to hear tonight?

Son: I want Batman and Robin and the yucky yucky mud pit.

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time, there was a yucky yucky mud pit. All of the people stayed far away from the yucky mud pit because they didn't want to fall in and get stuck. But one day, a little boy was playing with his dog and throwing a ball around for the dog to chase after. The boy threw the ball a little bit too far and when the dog jumped to get it, he fell in to the yucky yucky mud pit.

The little boy said, "Oh no, my doggy fell in to the yucky mud! Somebody help!"

Then Batman and Robin came and said, "I think we can help."

Batman shouted down to the dog, "Hey little dog, how did you fall in there?"

The dog said, "Aaarrrraarraaarrrhhh." Which is doggy talk for, "I can't understand you."

Batman said, "Of course, this dog doesn't speak English." Then Batman threw a rope down to the dog and said, "Here dog, grab on to this."

And the dog said, "Aaarrrraarraaarrroooohhh." Which is doggy talk for, "I still can't understand you. What is that for?"

Batman said, "Ah, yes, I almost forgot. This dog has no hands." Then Batman made a lasso and tried to throw it around the dogs tail, but his tail was slippery with mud.

Robin said, "Holy canine conundrum, Batman! How are we going to get this dog out of the mud?"

"I've got it." said Batman. "Quickly Robin, get me the biggest dog biscuit you can find!"

So Robin got a really big doggy biscuit, like Batman asked, and Batman tied a rope around it and threw it to the dog. The Dog said, ""Aaarrrrooorrooorrraaarrrhhh." Which is doggy talk for "Oooh, yummy! I'll have a bite of that!" And he bit down hard on the big doggy biscuit. Batman and Robin pulled and pulled and pulled until the dog and the doggy biscuit came out of the mud safe and sound.

"Yaayyy!" said the little boy, "You saved my dog. Thanks Batman and Robin!"

"Rraaarrraaarrrooouugh!" said the dog. Which is doggy talk for "Thanks for the yummy dog biscuit, whoever you are." Then the dog shook off all the yucky yucky mud on to Batman and Robin and the little boy.

Batman and Robin and the little boy all laughed.

The End.


Caitilin said...

That is my favorite story so far! Hilarious!