Thursday, January 31, 2008

Batman, Batman, Batman and Batman

Son: Daddy, I want you to tell me about Batman and Batman and Batman and more Batman.

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time, Batman was driving through the city when all of a sudden he saw the Bat signal in the sky. He rushed to the roof of the police building to meet Commissioner Gordon. When he got to the roof, he saw something very strange. There was another Batman already talking to Commissioner Gordon. Batman wondered what could be going on.

"I know I'm the real Batman, so who could that be?" Batman said.

As he watched and wondered, he saw something else very strange. Another Batman was swinging on to the rooftop to meet Commissioner Gordon. "This is very strange." thought Batman, "Now there are two Batman's talking to Commissioner Gordon, and neither one of them is me!"

While Batman was watching and thinking this, ANOTHER Batman came swinging to the rooftop to meet Commissioner Gordon. "Three Batmans?!" Batman said as he watched. "How can there be three Batmans? And none of them is me!"

Batman watched as the three Batman's stood and talked with the very confused Commissioner Gordon. "I better investigate." said batman. And he started creeping around the rooftop, looking for clues.

Pretty soon, Batman found a clue. He held it up to look at it. It was a little hand-buzzer, the kind the Joker uses. "Hmm," thought Batman, "this is a funny thing to find up here."

As he continued to look, he found another clue. It was a purple mask; the kind the Riddler sometimes wears. "Interesting," thought Batman, "This is a puzzing clue. Why would something like this be up here?"

With a little more investigating, Batman found a top-hat; the same king the Penguin wears. "This clue is definitely fishy." said Batman, "I think I've figured out what's going on."

"Penguin! Joker! Riddler! Take off your masks!" shouted Batman, as he jumped in front of the three fake Batman's. "I know none of you are really Batman, because I'm Batman, and you guys are just try to trick us!"

Commissioner Gordon was startled, and said, "A fourth Batman! Goodness me! I don't think I can take much more of this."

"It's okay, Commissioner." said Batman, "I am the real Batman, and these three fakers are actually the Joker..." Batman pulled off the Joker's fake Batman mask, "the Riddler..." then he pulled off the Riddler's mask. "and the Penguin!" And Batman pulled off the mask the Penguin was wearing.

"These filthy criminals were engaged in a clever rouse." said Batman, "They hoped to fool you into thinking they were the real Batman, to no doubt to gain your trust and thereby commit some heinous act of villainy. However, their plan was doomed to failure since they each attempted to carry out the same deception at once, effectively canceling out any chance of succeeding in any individual plot."

"I see." said Commissioner Gordon, with a confused look on his face. "...Well, thank you for catching the city's worst criminals yet again Batman!"

"It was my pleasure Commissioner." said Batman, "Tell me, why did you put up the Bat signal tonight in the first place?"

"Oh! Yes, well..." said Commissioner Gordon, "it's Mrs. Gordon's birthday, and was wondering if you would like to join us for cake and iced cream."

"That sounds delightful." said Batman.

So Batman and Commissioner Gordon went downstairs to the police department for cake and iced cream.

The End.