Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Justice League at the Grocery Store

Son: Daddy, I want you tell me about Batman and Robin and Superman and Wonder Woman and Flash.

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time, Superman was driving to the grocery store because he needed to get some eggs, milk, bread and Diet Coke. As he was driving, he saw Wonder Woman walking to the store on the side walk. He pulled over next to her and said "Hey Wonder Woman, do you want a ride to the store?"

Wonder Woman said, "Sure, thanks Superman. You're a real hero."

So Superman and Wonder Woman drove to the grocery store together. When they got there, they saw Batman and Robin driving around the parking lot in the Batmobile, looking for a parking spot. Superman said, "Hey Batman and Robin! Do you need help finding a parking spot?"

Robin said, "We sure do Superman. Can you help us?"

So Superman used his x-ray vision to look across the parking lot until he found an open spot. He said, "I see a spot for you. It's on the other side of the parking lot."

Batman said, "Great, thanks Superman. You're a real hero."

Superman and Wonder Woman went shopping all around in the store until they had everything they needed, and then they went to check out. Guess who was in the check out line right in front of them.

Son: ...Flash!

Daddy: That's right. Flash was right in front of them in line. As he was about to pay for his groceries he said, "Oh, darn. I'm a couple dollars short. I don't have enough money to pay for my groceries."

Superman said, "That's okay, Flash. I've got a couple extra dollars you can borrow."

And Flash said, "Wow, thanks Superman! You're a real hero."

As Superman and Wonder Woman were loading their groceries into Superman's car, all the people in the parking lot started looking up at the sky, very scared of what they saw. Superman looked up and said, "Oh no! There's a giant meteor falling from the sky, and it's coming straight for this grocery store!" So Superman flew up high into the sky and caught the meteor and threw it all the way out into space.

When he came back down to the parking lot, everybody cheered and said, "Thank you for saving us from that giant meteor, Superman! You're a real hero!"

And Superman and Wonder Woman went home and had French Toast and Diet Coke.

The End.