Thursday, January 24, 2008

Batman and Robin and the Slide

Son: Daddy, I want you to tell me about Batman and Robin and the slide.

Daddy: Batman and Robin and the slide? What slide?

Son: The orange slide.

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time there was an orange slide, and all of the little kids liked to play on it. They would climb up to the top and slide down to the bottom and say "Wheeeee!", and they would go up and down, and up and down. They loved playing on the orange slide.

But then some big mean kids came and said, "We're going to play on the slide now. You can't play on it anymore. Ha ha ha." And they made all the little kids get off the slide, and they wouldn't let them play.

The little kids were so sad, and they really wanted to play on the orange slide again, but the big mean kids wouldn't let them. So the little kids said "Somebody help us, the big mean kids won't let us play on the orange slide, and they're making us so sad."

Son: And Batman and Robin came and boomed the big kids off the slide!"

Daddy: And Batman and Robin heard the little kids asking for help, so they came to help them. Batman said, "Hey little kids, whats wrong?"

And the little kids said, "Those big mean kids made us get off the slide, and they wont let us play on it anymore."

So Robin said, "Hey you big mean kids, you have to share the slide with these little kids. You can't be mean to them, because it's not nice!"

And the big kids said, "But we don't have an orange slide where we live, and the people in our neighborhood are always mean to us, so we just wanted to be mean to these little kids and make them get off the slide so we could play on it."

And Batman said, "I'm sorry the people in your neighborhood aren't nice, but you have to be nice anyway, and you need to share the orange slide with the little kids. Here's what you can do, first one big kid can go on the slide, and then one little kid can go. Then one big kid and another little kid, until everybody gets their turn. Okay?"

And the big mean kids decided not to be mean anymore, and that they would share, so they said, "Okay Batman and Robin. We'll share the slide with the little kids now. We want to be nice big kids, and not be mean anymore."

So the little kids and the big kids played on the orange slide together and had lots of fun, and Batman and Robin were happy because the big kids decided to be nice and share.

The end.