Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Batman's Birthday and Paper Stealing Skeletor

Daddy: What story do you want tonight?

Son: I want you to tell me about Batman and Flash and Wonder Woman.

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time, Wonder Woman was flying her invisible jet to the city. As she was flying, she saw someone following her down on the ground. This person was moving really fast, but he wasn't in a jet, or a car, or a motorcycle, he was just running really fast. He was dressed in red and yellow; who do you think he was?

Son: Flash!

Daddy: That's right. Flash was following Wonder Woman in her invisible jet. Wonder Woman landed her invisible jet in the city and saw Flash. She said "Hey Flash, what are you doing?"

"I was just following you Wonder Woman." said Flash, " I need to tell you something really important."

"Oh really?" asked Wonder Woman, "What do you need to tell me?"

"I need to tell you that it's somebody's birthday, and you need to come with me to the party."

"Who's birthday party are we going to?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I don't think I'll tell you yet," said Flash. "But you can probably Guess when we get there"

So Wonder Woman and Flash went to the birthday party. They saw lots of balloons and streamers and confetti, and they heard some music playing too. Wonder Woman looked around and saw lots of super heroes at the party. She saw Superman, and Green Lantern, and Hawk Man, and Hawk Woman, and Robin, and Spiderman, and the Hulk, and Iron Man, and Wolverine, and Captain America, and lots of other super heroes.

Son: And Batman.

Daddy: So Wonder Woman asked Flash again...

Son: And Batman!!

Daddy: Not yet. So Wonder Woman...

Son: But Daddy, where is Batman?

Daddy: Just a minute, son. So Wonder Woman asked Flash again, "Who's party is this? I see lots of super heroes here, but I don't know who the party is for."

And Flash said, "Well, there's one super hero who isn't here. The surprise party is for him. can you guess who it is?"

Son: Batman!

Daddy: Just then, one more super hero walked in to the party and everybody said "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" And guess who that super hero was.

Son: Batman!!

Daddy: That's right, it was Batman. And Batman said "Oh, wow! How did you all know it was my birthday?!" and Flash said "Batman, you're such an important super hero, and you do so many good things for people, that we couldn't forget your birthday."

And everybody had ice cream and cake and gave Batman his presents, and Batman had a very happy birthday party.

The End.

Son: Daddy, now I want you to tell me about He-Man and Skeletor.

Daddy: No, we only have one story each night. Now it's time to sleep.

Son: But I just want you to tell me about He-Man and Skeletor!

Daddy: Okay, I'll tell you a really short story about He-Man and Skeletor and then you have to go to sleep. Okay?

Son: Hee hee, okay daddy.

Daddy: Once upon a time, He-Man went out to the front porch of Castle Gray Skull to pick up the newspaper. He looked out past the porch and saw Skeletor hanging around. He said, "Hey Skeletor, what are you doing here? You're not supposed to come to Castle Gray Skull."

And Skeletor said, "Hee hee, I came to take your morning paper He-Man! Hee hee!"

And He-Man said, "But I already have my paper, Skeletor, and you can't have it."

"Ah haa, look again He-Man," said Skeletor, "that newspaper is just an illusion. I already have your real newspaper right here."

He-Man looked down at the paper in his hand and it disappeared. "Hey!" said He-Man, "You can't take my newspaper; come back here!" And He-Man chased Skeletor until he caught him and took away the newspaper.

"Awww!" said Skeletor.

"This is my newspaper," said He-Man, "and you can't take it Sleletor! Why did you want my newspaper anyway?"

And Skeletor replied, "Because there's an article on me in that newspaper, and I don't subscribe to it, and the newspaper vending machine at Snake Mountain is all out of that issue."

"Well..." said He-Man, "I guess you can have the page with that article on it. But you can't have the sports section, because I want to read it!"

"Nyahhh, Thanks He-Man." said Skeletor, and he walked away with his newspaper article.

And He-Man, took the rest of the newspaper back in to Castle Gray Skull, where he sat down in his rocking recliner to read the sports section.

The End.

Son: Now I...

Daddy: No, son. I told you two stories; I usually only tell you one, but tonight I told you two. Now it's time for you to close your eyes and be very quiet.

Son: Okaaaay.


Caitilin said...

Shane, these stories are AWESOME! My boys wouldn't have a clue who most of those characters are, sadly! So will you tell them a cool bedtime story when you get here?!?!? You may have to include delta airlines, antarctica and the charlotte bobcats into the story, though! ;)