Friday, February 15, 2008

Superman's Birthday Party

Son: Daddy, can you tell me a story about Superman?

Daddy: Okay...

Once upon a time, Superman was having a birthday party. Batman and Robin were there, and Wonder Woman was there, and Flash was there and so was Green Lantern. After they had ice cream and cake, they all sat down to give Superman his presents. Batman and Robin went first.

"This present is from both of us." said Robin. "And don't use your x-ray vision to cheat and see what's inside."

"Okay, I won't." said Superman as he started opening the present. "Oh, wow. It's a jetpack. Hmmm, too bad I can already fly, so I guess I don't need this."

Batman and Robin looked grumpily at each other. Wonder Woman was next to give Superman a present.

Superman opened up the frilly, colorfully wrapped present that Wonder Woman gave him and said, "Wow, a pair of high-powered binoculars!"

Son: No, binoculators.

Daddy: Hmm?

Son: They're called binoculators.

Daddy: Oh.

Superman said, "Wow, a pair of high-powered binoculators. Ohhhhh, too bad I can already see far away with my super-seeing, so I guess I don't need these."

Wonder Woman sighed and gave a grumpy look to Batman and Robin. Flash went next giving Superman a birthday present.

Superman opened up the very messily wrapped present, saying "Flash, you didn't spend much time wrapping this did you?"

"It only took me 1.03 seconds" said Flash. "A new record!"

When Superman saw what was under the wrapping paper, he said "Wow, a fork-lift. Oh, but I'm super strong, so I guess I won't really need this either."

Flash made a grumpy face at Batman and Robin, and Wonder Woman. Green Lantern was next to give a present to Superman.

Superman opened the glowing green wrapping paper that was covering the box. "Oh, wow." said Superman, "It's a blowtorch! Hmm, but I do have super heat-vision, don't I? so I guess I don't really have a use for this."

Green Lantern also made a grumpy face, and Wonder Woman said "Oh, Superman. Don't you understand that that's the point of all of these presents we're giving you?"

"What do you mean?" asked Superman.

"Batman and Robin know that you can fly, but they still got you a jetpack. I know that you can see far away, but I still got you a pair of binoculars."

Son: BinocuLATORS

Daddy: ...

"...binoculators. And Flash knows that you're super-strong, but he still got you a fork-lift, and even though Green Lantern knows you have super heat-vision, he got you a blowtorch."

"I still don't understand." said Superman, "If you all know I don't need these things, then why did you get them for me?"

"To say 'thank you' Superman" said Green Lantern. "You do so many great things for the people of this city, and of the whole world, with all your great super powers. None of us can do all the good things you do, even though we try to help. There's only one Superman, and we just wouldn't be the Super Friends without you."

"So," said Wonder Woman, "Thanks for being Superman, and Happy Birthday!"

"Ohh, you guys are the best Super Friends a Kryptonian could have!" said Superman. And he picked them all up and hugged them.

"'re hurting us Superman." squeaked Robin.

"Oh, sorry." said Superman. And he put them all back down.

The End.